How to block Twitter ads without buying ads

The Hill article The Federal Trade Commission says it will begin testing a new way for businesses to block or limit the volume of online ads that they pay for.

The Federal Trade Commision said Friday that it will allow consumers to buy ads on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but only if they purchase an ad-blocking service.

The agency said it will start testing the service, dubbed BlockTune, with a focus on businesses.

The agency said that a “significant number” of people would sign up for the service in the coming months.

“BlockTune is an innovative solution that offers a simple, cost-effective way for advertisers to reach consumers and offer a compelling, unique offering,” FTC Commissioner Kimba Wood said in a statement.

The service would allow consumers and businesses to pay for ads that appear on websites where they don’t normally pay for them.

Consumers could buy an ad that they don and block it from showing on those websites.

For example, if someone who doesn’t normally use Twitter purchased an ad on a website that they weren’t allowed to view, they would get the ad blocked.

The FTC said BlockTunes could help companies block “overwhelmingly targeted” ads.

That includes “spam, scams, spammy or annoying ads, ads that aren’t helpful, and ads that promote or direct the user to a website, service, or other activity,” the agency said.

The program would be free for consumers, and businesses could sell ads for $1 a month or $4 a month, with additional ads for a higher rate.

The new technology could allow consumers who want to buy a service to do so for free, while also avoiding some of the fees associated with the traditional ad-buying model, Wood said.

It would also allow businesses to use the service to block ads that would otherwise cost them money, such as sponsored content or sponsored videos, she said.

BlockTunes will be available for users in the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, New Zealand, South Korea, and Australia.

Consumers will be able to sign up to be a user on the platform.

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