How to stop the ‘fake news’ campaign: ‘We need a new system’

GMA host Charlie Rose interviewed author and researcher David Horowitz about the recent media coverage of the alleged pedophilia scandal involving Donald Trump, and what can be done to fight back against it.

Rose also noted that while the pedophilia allegations have been discussed extensively on the left, the topic has never been raised in the GOP, despite the fact that Republicans have been involved in child sex trafficking for decades.

“There is no one person who’s going to save the GOP,” said Horowitz, who is the founder and director of the Project on Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

“It’s not just that there’s a lot of media that’s reporting on this, it’s that there are a lot more people in the party that are willing to speak out.”

Horowitz explained that he is “very, very concerned” about what he calls the “media war on the GOP” that he blames for what he believes is the party’s failure to tackle the issue.

He said that the party is still in denial about pedophilia, which is why he is pushing a bill to ban the use of “colloquial terms for pedophilia” in the workplace, which would allow for employers to fire or discipline employees who use those terms.

But the party has not done much to address it, he said, despite it being widely reported that the Republican Party is now actively investigating and banning the use the terms “pizza party” and “pizzagate.”

Horowitz told Rose that the real story of the media war on Republicans is the one surrounding Trump.

“I mean, I know that Donald Trump is one of the greatest presidents in American history,” he said.

“But he’s not even on our list of great presidents.

And I think that’s the real question, and that’s what’s driving the media.” “

What is it about Donald Trump that’s so great?

And I think that’s the real question, and that’s what’s driving the media.”

Horowitz said that he was working on a book about Trump, which he expects to be published sometime this year.

He added that there is a “huge gap” between what the public is seeing on TV and what is being said in the media.

“And it’s not about the Trumpian excesses of the campaign or the sexual behavior of the candidate,” he explained.

“The real story is the fact, the reality, of the GOP.

And that is: it’s the party of child molesters, it is the Republican party that has systematically abused its power over the last 50 years, and I think it’s time for the party to go.”

Rose noted that Horowitz has been working on his book for a year, and the topic is a central part of the conversation.

“He’s been researching the history of the Republican right for 20 years,” Rose said.

“[And] I know this because I was working with him for 15 years on this very subject.”

Horowitz agreed that the topic was a “very big” part of what he is working on, and he said that it is important to have a focus on it in the context of the larger conversation.

He explained that pedophilia was a very recent phenomenon that has “gone on for a long time.”

“It really wasn’t until the 1990s that we were talking about it,” Horowitz said.

Horowitz added that the pedophile issue has been used as a tool by liberals to silence conservatives, including the late George Wallace, the infamous segregationist who was also the head of the Moral Majority, the far-right Republican organization that was led by Bill Buckley and William F. Buckley Jr. Horowitz said he believes that it was Wallace who was instrumental in helping to push for the impeachment of Nixon.

“That was a major factor in getting him removed,” Horowitz explained.

But Horowitz said, “it’s also a factor that really drives the Democrats now.”

Horowitz believes that “it is very difficult” for conservatives to stand up against liberal media, which has been a part of “the liberal media war” against the Republican establishment.

He continued by saying that the media has done a “damning job” in fighting back against conservative media, even though the media can be used to attack conservatives.

“They can make it look like a liberal media is being attacked,” Horowitz stated.

“Well, what it really is is a liberal propaganda machine.”

He also said that “you can’t stop the media” because it has been the “primary vehicle” for “a lot of this nonsense,” including the accusations of sexual misconduct against Trump.

He told Rose, “It is absolutely clear that we have a very, very divided media.

Horowitz noted that the Democratic Party “is not an ally of the American people. “

We have a Republican media that is very hostile to conservative ideas and conservatives.”

Horowitz noted that the Democratic Party “is not an ally of the American people.

So, I think we need

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