Obama, Biden set to strike cybersecurity deal on cybersecurity

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are set to unveil a cybersecurity deal that could save American companies and consumers millions of dollars.

The White House and Biden’s office have said the deal will include “robust cybersecurity standards” and require that all federal agencies develop and publish cybersecurity standards by January.

Biden’s office has not yet announced the details of the agreement, but in a statement, a White House spokesperson said: “The president and vice president will work with their congressional allies to develop this agreement.”

The cybersecurity agreement will include the following provisions: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will have authority to establish cybersecurity standards and require federal agencies to develop and maintain cybersecurity standards. 

Federal agencies will be required to submit cybersecurity standards to the FTC and provide them to other Federal agencies for approval. 

The FTC will establish a Cybersecurity Coordinating Committee to provide guidance on cybersecurity standards for federal agencies and to coordinate with the FTC to promote cybersecurity standards across the Federal Government. 

Members of the Cybersecurity Working Group will be able to meet and confer directly with other members of the Federal Trade Commissioner’s Cybersecurity Advisory Committee to identify gaps and issues within the Federal government and help them identify opportunities to address them. 

In addition, the FTC will have the authority to issue voluntary cybersecurity guidelines for Federal agencies. 

This agreement will also create an FTC-funded Cybersecurity Task Force to develop cybersecurity standards that can be applied to all Federal agencies, with specific focus on Federal Agencies, State and local governments, educational institutions, and commercial entities.

The White Houses Office of Science and Technology Policy has also indicated that the administration is committed to expanding the Federal Information Security Center to include cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity Innovation Initiative is a joint effort by the White Houses Science and Innovation office and the Office of Management and Budget to accelerate the development and deployment of the cybersecurity technologies that make it easier for American businesses and consumers to protect their data, online transactions, and intellectual property.

In a statement to The Hill, White House cybersecurity coordinator Jennifer Schulz said: The president and the vice president are taking cybersecurity seriously.

As the White House has said many times, the Federal Reserve Board is the most important economic regulator in the world. 

While the cybersecurity agreement is a start, it does not address the real threats facing our country.

It is also not a complete solution to the real challenges we face.

The president will continue to work with his allies and allies across the Government to build on the bipartisan consensus to secure America’s networks, services, and communications, as well as secure our Nation from cyber threats and cyber crime.

The White House will work to expand and modernize the Federal cybersecurity infrastructure to make it more robust, more efficient, and more secure. 

President Joe Biden has already indicated that he wants to expand the Federal information security center to include Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Analysis Centers. 

Additionally, the White houses Office of National Drug Control Policy has indicated that it is also exploring a cybersecurity partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, which would provide assistance to the agency’s Cyber Threat Task Force.

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