The secret of mobile money: how to make it work on Android devices

Posted November 16, 2018 01:12:08 Australian banks are taking a step in the right direction by providing a digital wallet for their customers.

Key points:AAP Financial Review: Bank of Tasmania is rolling out a mobile app that allows customers to access their accountsThe bank has launched the app in two states – Victoria and New South WalesIt is also rolling out the app for all customers across the countryAs part of its move towards mobile banking, Bank of Tasman has rolled out the mobile wallet for its customers, with the app now available in Victoria and in NSW.

“We’re seeing a shift in how the bank is doing banking and the amount of banking we do, we want to ensure that our customers are able to do that,” bank chief executive Tim Dutton said.

“And we’re doing that in a way that works for them, and not in a system that is difficult for them to understand.”

Mr Dutton told the ABC’s Insiders program that the mobile app allows customers the ability to log in to their bank account online.

“So it’s an extension of the existing way that we’re managing our accounts and our customers can access it,” he said.

The bank is currently rolling out its mobile app to customers in Victoria, and is also launching it for all Australian customers in New South Welsh.

“It’s an easy-to-use application, so we’re looking at what works for the bank, and what works best for our customers,” he told Insiders.

“Our customers are happy with that.”

Mr Poulter said the new app was a “really good first step” for the banking group.

“The new application does a great job of providing a unified experience across all of our different branches, and allows our customers to be as mobile as possible, and we’ve got to keep it up to date with all the technology that is available,” he added.

“This is one of those areas where we need to take it a step further, and look at what we can do on mobile.”

Mr Molloy said the bank was still working out how to best support its mobile users.

“To be clear, we’re still working on our mobile experience, and I can’t talk about the rollout at the moment,” he explained.

“But the app is really good, it’s been really well received.”

The bank says it is also in the process of rolling out an app for customers in all of the states and territories.


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