‘I don’t want to get shot’: Former Obama aide on Obama assassination plot

Former Obama administration official Richard Painter told CNN that he would not support an effort to seek the death penalty for former President Barack Obama.

Painter, a member of the Supreme Court, made the comments Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“It’s just a matter of what is the right thing to do,” Painter said.

“I don`t know what that would mean, but I would think it`s the right way to deal with the situation.”

Painter said that the issue of the Obama assassination was “inherently political,” adding that he could not understand why someone would seek to kill Obama.

“It seems to me that this was done to intimidate the president, to put the president in a position that he couldn`t deal with,” Painter told “New 24 Hours.”

“This is a president that has been an American leader, who has been the greatest president of the 20th century, who is deeply revered by this country,” Painter continued.

“He`s a patriot and a leader.

I don`T know why he would do this to himself.”

The former Obama administration lawyer said that he was shocked that the FBI had not found any evidence that Obama was involved in the assassination plot.

“I don�t know that there is any evidence whatsoever that Barack Obama was in on this,” Painter added.

“The thing that is troubling is that they have a case that says, ‘He was involved,'” Painter said, noting that the president had never been indicted for a crime.

“He is an American citizen, and he is supposed to be able to be treated with respect, he is an equal and the same treatment.”

But he is treated differently than any other American citizen.

So this is just the latest in a series of examples of this,” the former Obama attorney said.”

You cannot tell me that Barack is going to have a second term.

He was elected in 2008 and this is a very long time ago,” Painter also said.

The former president was inaugurated in 2009, and is considered one of the country`s most popular presidents.

The investigation into the Obama administration`s decision to fire National Security Advisor Susan Rice and former CIA Director John Brennan is underway.

The House of Representatives approved a resolution Wednesday to begin impeachment proceedings against the Obama White House.

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