Google test-calls ‘fake news’

Google has added a test to its search engine that will detect whether the website is using fake news, as the company faces criticism for being so secretive about its search algorithms.

Read More”We don’t know what the algorithm is that’s being used.

But we know that it’s a filter,” Google said in a blog post.

“The idea is that people who search for the news are not actually looking for the story.

They’re looking for what the filter says, and we want to be able to provide a better experience for people.””

The test we’re testing today is a tool that’s been developed in response to our user feedback.

As a result, we’ve added a new feature to our search results that will show a test result if you search for something that isn’t true,” Google added.

It was not immediately clear how many users might have the test, or how quickly the test would take effect.

Google has been increasingly under fire for its secretive algorithm for years, but this is the first time it has been used for real.

Google said the test will only work on websites that are registered with the search giant.

“We have always offered a test for fake news on Google’s platform, but we now have a tool for people to use that we’ve been testing for months,” Google wrote.

The test will show whether the page is “consistently being used by people who are trying to find the most sensational, misleading or fake news,” Google explained.

“The filter will tell you if you’re likely to see it in the results when you search with a search term like ‘fake.'”

A fake story will show up in the top results when the page has a lot of “false” links.

“As the filter shows, people who want to find stories that are clearly fake are more likely to click on links that say ‘fake,'” Google wrote, without giving a timeline for when the test might be rolled out.

The tests come as Google faces growing scrutiny over its search algorithm.

A review published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the company’s algorithm “generally discriminates against news sites that have a large audience.”

A new Google search feature called “Find and Share” allows users to share articles from news organizations and other sources with one click, even if they are fake.

The company’s automated content-matching systems have been criticized for allowing search engines to unfairly favor sites they have an interest in.

Google, which is also owned by Alphabet Inc, has been under fire over its use of automated tools in the past, including a system called Google Newsbot that was designed to find out which stories were popular on Google News.

The program was supposed to help publishers find the top stories on the site, but has since been rolled back.

Google’s new tool for finding fake news is part of a broader push to combat fake news.

Last week, the search engine said it would start working on a “fake news filter” that will automatically exclude stories that were “false or misleading” based on a user’s search history.

Google also said it is building a “filter for hate speech” to automatically flag content that may be harmful to minority groups, and is also developing “fake content detection.”

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