Why is captcha so popular?

How popular is captcha?

Most people won’t think much of it.

However, it is used in some countries to create secure login screens and other services.

In Ireland, it has become one of the top 3 most popular captcha types.

Here are the reasons it’s so popular: 1.

Its simplicity The simplicity of using a form to fill in a captcha has led to it being popular across a range of fields.

This has meant it’s easy to get the most out of the form, with many sites using a single captcha type.


It’s easy for users to read When a form asks for the password, people often see a blank line, but there is nothing they need to click to verify.

When the captcha is simple, the user can easily read it, without having to worry about how the information they are asked for is stored.


It allows users to verify their identities There are a variety of different ways to verify a user’s identity.

The most common way is to use a picture.

If the user is not a registered user, then they will be asked to enter a password that they have already entered in their browser.

If they do not have a picture of themselves, then it will ask the user for a picture instead.


It enables people to create new identities Users can use different identities to create different forms.

This means they can create new fields for their personal or business websites, or new fields to use in other forms.

For example, people can create a form that asks for their mobile number, or a form where they can enter their email address, without entering a password.


It has many uses In addition to being a form, it can also be used in a variety.

For instance, a form for a social networking website might ask for the username, email address and password for a particular user.

Another example is an identity verification service that asks users for the last four digits of their mobile phone number, before asking them to enter in their name.


It helps keep track of accounts People can use a form with the user’s username and email address to record which users have access to which accounts.

If a form has multiple entries, then a single user can have multiple entries for their username.


It reduces the amount of data that has to be sent to the database Each user has to input a random string of letters and numbers into the form.

This makes it easier for the database to store.


It is a way to keep track on the flow of accounts A form has to remain open for a set period of time to be considered valid, so that people can check that the information is correct.

In contrast, the database can check the validity of a form as soon as it’s entered.

A user can also choose to keep a record of the forms they have entered into the system, so they can track the flow over time.


It provides a useful security measure A form can be submitted to an organisation, and a user can enter a username and password that are kept in the database.

When an organisation checks the form and the password is correct, it will then be forwarded to the user.


It lets you create your own forms The simplest form is a simple form that only asks the user a single question.

However if you have a number of fields that are used by multiple forms, then you can use the form to create your very own form.

For more complex forms, such as social networking forms, you can create other forms, or create forms that have a different form type.

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