I Can’t Stop Looking At John Mulaney’s Face

By Emma OllmanNew York Magazine is one of the most important places to find celebrity news.

But this week, the magazine took some drastic action.

The issue of this week’s cover featured a photo of John Mulane, the actor who played the voice of the eponymous hero in the hit TV series Firefly.

The cover is one that will appear in the December issue, and it’s an obvious shot at a man with whom Mulaney has a long-standing and enduring affinity.

In addition to starring on the show as the voice-over voice of a human, Mulaney is also known for his starring roles in films like The Usual Suspects and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which starred him in a role he played in the film.

It is not, however, the only time he has appeared in a film or TV series that inspired a photograph.

Mulaney, who grew up in Atlanta and played in Atlanta Falcons football games, has a strong interest in Atlanta.

“Atlanta is home, and so it is,” Mulaney said in a recent interview with Yahoo.

“I love Atlanta.

I love that city.

And I grew up there.

And that’s what I love about Atlanta: It’s not just that it’s a place to live, it’s also where you live.”

Mulaney grew up close to the Atlanta airport.

He attended Atlanta’s high school, where he met his wife, Carole, who was also in high school.

“When I was in highschool, I was pretty good with the phone,” Mulane told Yahoo.

He said he “was always in touch with Carole,” and they were both friends with many other Atlanta-area high schoolers.

Mulane played high school football in Atlanta in 1994, when the team was still called the Atlanta Falcons.

His high school career was cut short by a torn ACL in his right knee in the 1994 season.

“He would have gotten a job playing the piano,” his high school coach, Jeff Crouch, told Yahoo, and he “never played basketball or baseball.

He just did his job, and I was happy for him.

It was his passion.

He was always a fan of the Braves.

He loved to watch the game.

He’d go to games, and if there was an event that he was involved in, he’d go and watch it.

I always thought of him as a good kid.”

The story of Mulaney being recruited to play the voiceover role in Firefly is a story Mulaney told in a 2009 interview with the actor’s friend and fellow Atlanta Falcons quarterback Jake Plummer, who played Plummer’s character, Owen Wilson.

Plummer was recruited by Mulane to play Owen Wilson, the main antagonist of the TV series.

Plumer described the audition process for Mulaney in the interview: I was sitting there and talking to John, and John was just talking about how he was trying to get me a part in the show and how he wanted me to do it as a voiceover and not as a full-fledged part in it, and then it dawned on me: If you’re going to do this, I think you’ve got to do something different.

And so I said, “Well, if you want to be a full part in this, and you want me to be the voice, then you’re on your own.”

Mulane did not receive a part.

Plumber’s career stalled for the rest of his career, and Mulane was unable to make the transition to voiceover.

Plummers friend, the comedian Bill Maher, has since spoken out about his friendship with Mulaney and about Plummer and Mulaney during a podcast interview with The New York Times.

“John Mulaney was my biggest fan,” Plummer told Maher.

“But he was a little bit shy and shy of some of the stuff.

And then he just kind of opened up and was really, really funny.”

Mulanes high school and college football career was also cut short, and the two have never met.

Mulanes career has been plagued by accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

In 2015, Mulanes accuser, actor and actress Ashley Judd, accused Mulane of sexually harassing her.

Mulano denied the allegations, and Judd sued Mulane for defamation.

Mulanoe’s lawyer, Michael Gartner, also denied the accusations, and a trial has been set for 2020.

“Mr. Mulany has been very gracious and very professional in responding to this story,” Gartners attorney, Michael R. Cohen, told the Los Angeles Times.

But Mulaney hasn’t been shy in defending himself in court.

“There’s no question he’s a terrific actor, a terrific writer, a great producer, and one of my favorite people,” Mulano said in an interview with Variety in 2016.

“And so there’s no doubt that, as I

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