Which Chrome browser is your favorite?

The most popular browser on iOS, Android and Firefox is Chrome, according to a survey released Monday by analytics firm StatCounter.

The most downloaded browser on Android and iOS is Google Chrome, followed by Firefox and Safari.

The top two browsers on Chrome and iOS are Google Chrome and Opera.

StatCounter estimates that about 15% of Chrome users on iOS and 11% of iOS users on Android use Safari or another web browser.

The average iOS and Android user uses about 6.6 tabs per day on their devices.

Statcounter’s survey also found that about 1.3% of all Chrome users use a mobile browser.

Statcounters study was conducted in August 2015, and included responses from more than 10,000 Chrome users.

Statco, the company behind StatCounter’s mobile survey, said it was surprised by the results.

“This is a first-time survey of mobile browsers and is certainly a welcome discovery for StatCounter and its clients,” said StatCounter Chief Executive Mark Gershengorn.

“However, we are pleased that this is one of the first time a significant portion of the userbase of Chrome has adopted mobile.”

Google Chrome was first introduced in 2002.

Google Chrome Mobile has been around for almost 10 years, with more than 12 million users on its desktop version and more than 3.4 million on its mobile version.

StatTrends also noted that Android is one the most popular mobile browsers, with about half of all Android users using it.

Chrome, the mobile browser on the iPhone and iPad, is in a class of its own: the second most popular web browser in the U.S. According to StatCounter, Chrome has seen a 30% growth in users per day in the past two years.

The browser is now second only to Internet Explorer on iOS.

On the desktop version, Chrome was the most downloaded, but the number of users on mobile is growing rapidly.

Chrome now accounts for about half the desktop and mobile traffic on iOS devices.

It’s also the most used web browser for a majority of people in the United States.

StatCounters mobile survey also showed that Apple’s Safari and Opera mobile browsers are the most common browsers on Android, but Google Chrome is the most widely used browser on smartphones and tablets.

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