Mozilla’s new Anti-Captcha tool lets you get a free browser without signing up for an account

Mozilla announced a new anti-captcha tool on Wednesday.

The new tool is called Best Free Captcha, and is intended to be a replacement for the default captcha option on most websites, which requires you to pay a fee in order to use.

It will also offer a free, no-frills browser extension that can be used to help you keep track of your favorite websites.

The tool will automatically block ads and cookies that are sent to your browser by advertisers.

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich explained the tool’s goal in a blog post on Wednesday, saying the goal is to make it easy to find what you want.

“This tool will help you find your favorite sites and services without signing on to an account, but without the added hassle of signing up to an existing account,” Eich wrote.

The Best Free Clipper will automatically detect the ads and other unwanted ads and will automatically remove them from your browser, Mozilla said.

It is expected to launch in early 2018.

The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari will all have the new anti.

Captcha detection features were added to browsers as part of the next major version of the Internet Explorer browser.

It has been more than a decade since anti-spam software was added to the browser, and users are now able to turn off the feature by clicking a link or a small button on the browser toolbar.

The best anti-virus browser is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11, which launched in October.

The free anti-fraud tool will be available on both desktop and mobile versions of the browser.

The beta version of Best Free Clip has been available for a few months and has received hundreds of user reviews.

It was previously available only on Macs, but Mozilla is now rolling out the tool to Windows users as well.

Mozilla also recently announced a free extension that will help prevent spam, including a feature that automatically detects suspicious email addresses and will flag them as spam for you to block.

That tool has been around for a while and Mozilla says the new feature will be included in the next version of its browser.

Mozilla’s anti-abuse tool has also been gaining traction.

Microsoft recently introduced an anti-scam extension that automatically blocks ads that appear in some sites that people visit.

The anti-gadget extension has also gained traction, and has been downloaded more than 15 million times in the last week.

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