Google: Get rid of your passwords for the holidays

Google is working on a way to make the company’s password reset system less confusing and less cumbersome for consumers.

The search giant is using machine learning to create more secure passwords, and a new version of its Chrome browser will also allow users to reset their passwords using the same technology, according to a blog post from Google’s senior vice president of product marketing, Kevin Murphy.

Google says it’s not using the technology to crack passwords, but it’s making it easier for people to manage their online security and it’s creating more ways for them to do so.

The Chrome extension, called Chrome’s Passwords Safe, is designed to let users create and set strong passwords without leaving the site, and the new version allows people to set the minimum length and length of the password that they can enter.

For the first time, Google says it plans to add a second feature to Chrome that will automatically log you out when you change your password, and will allow you to set a PIN for the change.

That feature is also going to work on Android phones and tablets, as well as on Windows and Mac computers, the company said.

“If you don’t want to use your existing password, we’ve designed this extension to help you reset your passwords,” Murphy said.

“You can change your passwords from the Settings menu, or use a PIN that you create and save on your computer or mobile device.”

Google also said it plans in the future to expand the functionality of Chrome’s passcodes.

“We’re actively working to add more new features to the Chrome browser,” Murphy wrote.

“In the meantime, you can use our extension to reset your password and check your online security at a glance.

That’s not all: You can also use our Passwords Reset Tool to verify your passwords, which will help you avoid phishing attacks and secure your account.”

Google is also testing a new password reset service that will work in conjunction with the Passwords safe extension.

The service will work across Android phones, Windows computers and Macs, and Murphy said it would be “available to users on all platforms.”

Google has been working to make it easier to manage its online security for more than a decade, but privacy advocates say that in many cases, the practice is still being abused.

Privacy advocates say it’s been common for companies to share passwords and other personal information with third parties, and they say it often comes with little oversight or accountability.

The Passwords tool is part of a broader effort to better understand the use of online services, and to better protect the personal information that companies are sharing, said Ben Wizner, a privacy policy expert at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“There’s been a lot of talk over the last year about online privacy being a hot button, a very public topic,” Wizner said.

The Passwords feature is an example of that conversation.

“This is just another example of how these kinds of things are being discussed,” he said.

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