How to fix the Facebook app bug that’s causing people to spam their friends

Posted January 12, 2018 12:23:38We’re often told to avoid Facebook.

But the company’s reputation has been damaged by a series of serious bugs that have left users having to manually close out messages, switch off their feed or even delete their accounts altogether.

Some of the most widespread issues have been reported by users on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, with users reporting problems with disappearing friends and disappearing messages, and issues with not being able to see their profile pictures.

Others have also reported issues with their Facebook friends’ profile pictures being cropped and disappearing, or issues with the site not displaying their friends’ posts or posts that have been removed from their accounts.

But a Facebook spokesperson has now confirmed that a number of users are reporting issues that are related to Facebook’s messaging app, with the company telling the ABC it is aware of around 100,000 of these issues.

“It’s not something we are seeing every day,” Facebook spokeswoman Ashley Williams said.

“There’s some very specific issues that have happened and we’re working on it.”

We have a few hundred thousand accounts that are being affected and it’s not uncommon that we’ll have to temporarily close accounts for a short period of time.

“Facebook has been contacted for comment.

In a statement to ABC News, Facebook said the company had “made it very clear that we take these issues very seriously”.”

We work hard to ensure that our messaging and content systems are secure, reliable and reliable for everyone, including people with serious health conditions and those with a range of other conditions, so it is critical that we continue to improve our systems to ensure people have a safe and secure platform for sharing and exchanging information.””

As a result, we have made it very clearly clear that the issue is with Facebook Messenger, not with Facebook.

“Ms Williams said Facebook was working to address the issue, with a plan to “improve our messaging security, reliability and reliability”.

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