Why I love Google and why you should too

The latest Google search results will be a little less confusing if you can ignore the word “cassette” in the title.This year Google’s new YouTube app has been redesigned to look like a cassette deck.You can use it to watch videos and audio files on the go, and it even has an ability to play […]

How to create a captcha image using Google’s CloudFlare

It is no secret that CloudFlares has a huge presence in the eSports scene, with its service offering thousands of unique domains, enabling people to make their own custom domains and provide them to fans, advertisers and sponsors.However, what does it mean to create your own domain?To answer this question, we asked the CloudFlair team […]

Obama to use $5 billion in new tax credit for energy producers

President Barack Obama plans to use a $5.6 billion tax credit to encourage the production of renewable energy, a White House official said Tuesday.The tax credit would help fuel the construction of new coal-fired power plants, nuclear plants and wind farms, the official said, declining to give more detail on the nature of the tax […]

Which is the best cloudflare password? – Freecloud

How do you find a cloudflares best cloud captcha?– Follow the instructions here.What is the cloudflarer?– This is a free and open source service, which allows you to access all the data of the Cloudflare.We recommend you use it for this purpose.How do I find a free cloudflas captcha?The best clouds captcha is free and […]

A plan to crack the world’s toughest password encryption code: How it works, and what it means for you

By Emily Bazelon December 21, 2018 1:26:13A password-cracking app is getting a major boost in popularity, thanks to a new twist on the traditional password-based encryption system: one that uses real people to help break it.The company behind the project, Planescape, is using two former members of the FBI to help crack the password, which […]

How to Use Google Analytics to Hide Your Content from Facebook’s Advertisers

Google Analytics is one of the tools you need to create a website, but what does it actually do?If you want to know more, we’ve got you covered.The Google Analytics API is a suite of APIs designed to help you build a website that will make your visitors come back to your site.Google Analytics allows […]

Facebook bans 10,000 fake accounts, deletes 3,000 posts and deletes 1,000 accounts from its servers

AUSTRALIA has removed thousands of fake accounts that used to post inflammatory, offensive or otherwise offensive content on social media, as Facebook announced it was suspending several of the services that it says were used by some users to promote extremist material.The social media giant confirmed that some of the accounts were removed by accident, […]

Google blocked from Gmail because of fake accounts

Google blocked an online email service that was accused of creating fake accounts for members of Congress, a U.S. senator and a presidential candidate, according to a law enforcement official.The official said the company blocked the service from Gmail in late January and the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.The email […]

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