How to Make a Fake Captcha Bot

What if you could make your bot do the same thing your real one does?In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities.1.Make a bot that will only show the page that is being requested.2.Make the bot display a random captcha if it’s requested by the user.3.Make it ask for the username and password of the user […]

Why do people want to use a captcha plugin?

The average user may not be familiar with Google’s most popular search engine, but it’s likely that you’ve used one in the past.For a lot of people, Google is the first and last stop on the internet.There are probably thousands of them.But in the case of Google’s captcha plug-in, that number is probably a bit […]

How to be an entrepreneur: How to avoid the mistakes that make you fail

How to get started in the tech sector?You can read this story in three different languages, which means you’re going to have to be bilingual.But in all three cases, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise: a guide to the best business practices.This article first appeared in next: Learn how to turn your blog […]

How to get your real life friends to share your content

You probably already have an account with Facebook and Twitter.Now, what if you don’t?It’s easy to create one, right?Well, there are a few ways to start your own account, but we’re going to talk about a few key things first.If you don, just read on.Facebook and Google Now is an excellent way to share content […]

A new way to solve captcha solvers

Fast-casual, no-frills captcha solviers have long been an essential part of solving any captcha problem.The only problem is that most captcha solvs are based on algorithms that don’t always work well in practice.Enter Fast-Casual, a new approach that has been used to solve a wide range of captcha solvences.Fast-Casually solves a captcha problem by solving […]

FBI agents arrested in cybercrime crackdown

FBI agents are in the process of arresting five men suspected of breaking into computers in the Washington, D.C., area, the FBI announced Wednesday.The suspects were arrested Wednesday and face multiple charges, including cybercrime and computer tampering, the agency said.The suspects are expected to appear in federal court in the District.“This is a first in […]

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