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How to set up ad-based captcha and ad-blocker for Android users

Android users will have to set their ad-blocking apps to use the latest version of the Google Play store, to get the latest security patches and the latest updates, if they want to use ad-supported captcha on the Google App Store.This means that the app can’t be blocked by ads on the Android App Store, […]

How to Get Rid of the Fake KeyCloak on Your Smartphone

You know you’ve got to do something to prevent a keylogger from accessing your phone.And that means changing your phone’s security settings.The keyloggers used by Google and Facebook to track people around the world have been modified to remove the ability to access your device without a password.But even if you don’t change your phone […]

Dutch police use special robot to crack captcha

Police in the Netherlands have used a special robot that can crack a simple captcha in a bid to help solve an internet problem.The robot was deployed to crack a problem involving the number 10.The problem was brought to light after Dutch authorities realised they had a problem with the captcha, which allows users to […]

How to make Gmail’s bad captcha look like a good email

The Gmail app is the best-known example of how the Internet works, but other services like Slack and Twitter are also designed to deliver good messages.You can use a browser to add the Google search bar to the top of your message.It takes just a few clicks to add your message and it’s easy to […]

How to get your app’s captcha code fixed?

The code can be found in your Discord app’s preferences page.To set it, open your Discord preferences, click the menu, click Settings, click Security, and then click Advanced settings.Under “Security,” you can select either “Enable the captcha code,” “Disable the captcha,” or “Use a different code.”To get the correct captcha code, open a new tab […]

‘I just can’t believe I’ve fallen for this’

The internet’s most popular search engine has been accused of encouraging users to share a fake news story about the London Bridge terror attack, and it seems to have had little effect.The fake news claim was spread on Twitter on Sunday night, but was quickly deleted and re-tweeted by the UK’s top search engine, Google.The […]

How to Protect Yourself From Google’s Cloudflare Blocked Cookie Blocking: How to Use Google Analytics API

By now you’ve probably heard that Google is blocking ads from certain websites in the future.This is great news, because if you have a web site that is popular or has a good reputation, you can easily get targeted ads from Google.But if you’re a website developer, you may not be as confident.Here are the […]

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