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How to fix a spelling mistake in your email signature?

By: James McManusThe Sport Bible is your one-stop source for all things sports and the Bible of sports.This is our third edition to address your most frequently asked questions about our site, our sport and the sports we cover.Please feel free to browse our new content or contact us via the contact form.1.Where do I […]

What you need to know about the latest Apple-sponsored event

Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference will take place this weekend in San Francisco, where it will host a number of keynote sessions on topics ranging from the iPhone X to the Apple Watch.But this year, Apple is holding a series of sessions on a few of its more recent products, including its upcoming Mac Pro.Apple […]

Which Pokemon GO Pokemon are you going to catch in the new update?

The Pokemon GO beta is live now and it’s already looking like it’s going to be the biggest and most exciting update to the game since launch.It’s still early days and there’s still a lot of stuff to do, but there’s a lot going on, so you’re going to want to get caught up on […]

How to stop hackers with a simple captcha algorithm

The algorithms that make up most modern websites and social media applications are based on simple but powerful mathematical principles that can be used to identify and crack complex codes.Now researchers at the University of Michigan have come up with a way to automate the process by using a simple algorithm that automatically analyzes a […]

Which one is better? Google’s new captcha system or the old?

More than 100 countries around the world have adopted a new system for controlling the search engines that uses a series of codes to identify users and track their whereabouts.It’s the first time Google has rolled out a system for all its users, though it’s expected to roll out a similar feature in the coming […]

The Joomla login captcha solvers I built with free software: How I got the best password generator out of free software

This article is part of a series of posts that explore the basics of free web applications with Java.For the most part, this series focuses on Java’s open source licensing model, which allows applications to freely be used by any developer, regardless of how many licensing agreements they have. When I wrote my first Java project, […]

How to use Google’s Captcha to get a Google-tagged text

CAPTCHA (Computer-Generated Secure Hash) is the newest digital signature system that has been deployed by millions of businesses and governments.But the process of generating it is complex and there are lots of ways to get around it.Here’s what you need to know about it and how to use it to protect your identity online.

When you’re a paid employee, your job is on your terms, but what happens when you’re not?

Business Insider via Getty Images A few years ago, a young woman was hired as a contractor for a small tech startup.She’d previously worked at a large, established company and earned a few hundred dollars a week.She worked from home, took home an apartment and her children’s toys.She was a bit nervous about working with […]

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