How to be an entrepreneur: How to avoid the mistakes that make you fail

How to get started in the tech sector?You can read this story in three different languages, which means you’re going to have to be bilingual.But in all three cases, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise: a guide to the best business practices.This article first appeared in next: Learn how to turn your blog […]

Why is there no captcha for my email?

It’s a common misconception that a simple password, once entered, will make your email secure.But it’s actually quite the opposite.There are lots of different ways to generate a password and they all rely on your ability to guess what it is.The best password generators will give you an idea of what it will take to […]

Mozilla’s new Anti-Captcha tool lets you get a free browser without signing up for an account

Mozilla announced a new anti-captcha tool on Wednesday.The new tool is called Best Free Captcha, and is intended to be a replacement for the default captcha option on most websites, which requires you to pay a fee in order to use.It will also offer a free, no-frills browser extension that can be used to help […]

Google Chrome is about to launch a new Chrome extension, and it’s about to give you a whole lot more options.

The extension, dubbed Chrome extension.js, is a Chrome extension that can enable you to set up Google Chrome extensions, which are programs that run in the browser’s context, which is like a sandbox, and that let you customize the behavior of Chrome.You can choose to have the extensions behave in a different way when you’re […]

A plan to crack the world’s toughest password encryption code: How it works, and what it means for you

By Emily Bazelon December 21, 2018 1:26:13A password-cracking app is getting a major boost in popularity, thanks to a new twist on the traditional password-based encryption system: one that uses real people to help break it.The company behind the project, Planescape, is using two former members of the FBI to help crack the password, which […]

How to Use Google Analytics to Hide Your Content from Facebook’s Advertisers

Google Analytics is one of the tools you need to create a website, but what does it actually do?If you want to know more, we’ve got you covered.The Google Analytics API is a suite of APIs designed to help you build a website that will make your visitors come back to your site.Google Analytics allows […]

How to get a tiny Cloudflare SSL certificate in your browser (in under an hour)

A few years ago, I was working on a blog post and it seemed like every day I received a new notification from Cloudflares SSL certification service.Every time I clicked on it, it would prompt me to confirm the certificate was valid.As I did so, I kept reading the documentation.“I’ve been told it is valid!”“It’s […]

I Can’t Stop Looking At John Mulaney’s Face

By Emma OllmanNew York Magazine is one of the most important places to find celebrity news.But this week, the magazine took some drastic action.The issue of this week’s cover featured a photo of John Mulane, the actor who played the voice of the eponymous hero in the hit TV series Firefly.The cover is one that […]

Ireland faces possible loss of tax-free status if it leaves the EU

Ireland could face a loss of its tax-exempt status if Ireland leaves the European Union, a senior Irish Government official has warned.Ireland’s new Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore said on Friday that he had told Mr Orr to look into a possible loss-of-tax-free-status in Ireland, adding: ”We have to make a decision, it’s not a matter […]

Why is captcha so popular?

How popular is captcha?Most people won’t think much of it.However, it is used in some countries to create secure login screens and other services.In Ireland, it has become one of the top 3 most popular captcha types.Here are the reasons it’s so popular: 1.Its simplicity The simplicity of using a form to fill in a […]

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