What Are the Benefits of Using a CAPTCHA?

Thanks to the work of the CAPTCHAs community, many of us can be more confident that what we type into a search engine is correct.Now, you may be asking, what is the problem with CAPT CHAs?Well, if the goal is to make our website search engine better, then CAPT chaining is a really useful technique.CAPT […]

What is the difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4?

Google has updated its Bootstrap themes to support both the new and older versions of Bootstrap.If you’ve been using Bootstrap for some time, you’ve probably heard that the newer versions were more user-friendly and faster.And while you can still use Bootstrap 5, it’s no longer available for purchase.Google announced the update to its Bootstraps on […]

How to stop the ‘fake news’ campaign: ‘We need a new system’

GMA host Charlie Rose interviewed author and researcher David Horowitz about the recent media coverage of the alleged pedophilia scandal involving Donald Trump, and what can be done to fight back against it.Rose also noted that while the pedophilia allegations have been discussed extensively on the left, the topic has never been raised in the […]

Tectite, rock, rocks and a rock-crushing robot? What to know about a new asteroid and how it could affect the planet’s atmosphere

By now, most people have heard about the discovery of a new planet, Triton, which could be a rocky asteroid.But for some astronomers, the asteroid is just one more piece of the puzzle of what Tritonian space rocks may contain.For one, the new planet has already been named.This week, NASA announced the name Tritian, a […]

How to watch MTV’s MTV Video Music Awards 2016 in a single day (with no ads)

The video game industry has been going through some big changes lately.As video games have gained a foothold in the market, the demand for video game content has been growing rapidly, and the demand has been great.It has led to new IPs that cater to the new generation of players and the increasing demand for […]

How to make a supercharged electric car for less than $50,000

The U.S. market for electric vehicles is expected to be about $3.6 trillion by 2025, with an estimated 1.2 million vehicles being built or in development by 2025.If that rate continues, that’s almost $100,000 per car, according to a report from the electric vehicle and battery research firm iRobot Research.To get a better idea of […]

MLB: Baseball has an official captcha for its fan-generated content

An MLB.com user has developed a new way to generate captchas in MLB.The technology uses an algorithm to determine which captcha is being used.The result?A new captcha generator for MLB.This means you can generate a new version of your favorite team’s logo that is both easy to follow and secure.We asked the company for comment.Here’s […]

How to use Google’s ‘Google Sign-in’ to make an account on Facebook

Posted May 01, 2018 05:00:48A little known feature in Google’s new Facebook integration is letting you sign into your account on the social network by simply pointing your phone at it.It can be used to log in, add a friend, and delete friends, but it also lets you add friends without going through Facebook’s “Sign […]

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