Why are you having trouble downloading and installing the cloudflare ad blocker?

The problem may not be the adblocker itself, but the way it is configured.In many cases, it is not set up correctly.If you want to block ads, you need to set the adblocking to “off”, which will prevent the ad blockers from blocking the page.However, in many cases you need a third-party ad blocker to […]

How to use Googlebot to find fake content in Facebook

By By James L. Dickson, Associated PressAARON KAMANOWSKI WASHINGTON (AP) – You could use Google’s search function to find out who posted a video that wasn’t real, but that’s a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack.Google doesn’t make any promises about how long it will keep your information secure, and there […]

How to use a free and easy-to-use captcha app for your e-mail newsletter

How to make sure that you’re getting your free email newsletter when you subscribe to The Lad newsletter.The Lad has made a lot of headlines lately with their new e-commerce platform, and the news that it is now offering the ability to generate e-mails by simply using the Google Chrome browser has created a lot […]

How to get your cloudflares blocked in Chrome?

You may have noticed that Google’s latest Chrome browser has blocked some of the most popular cloudflaring services.And if you’re like many other people, you’ve probably been doing a little bit of Google-skeptical research.While there are a number of reasons to think that Google could be doing something illegal, you should probably wait to get […]

‘I’m in a new space’: NASA astronaut, wife discuss mission to Mars

The journey from Earth to Mars begins with the first step of a long journey.The astronauts and crew of the International Space Station, or ISS, begin their mission at the International Launch Complex in Florida, in December 2011.NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins and his wife, Rebecca, have been together for nearly four years.Their first spaceflight together […]

Canadian government to scrap $1.3 billion in funding to aid Syrian refugees

By JAYDEN SULLIVAN The Canadian government plans to scrap almost $1 billion in government funding to help Syrian refugees resettle in Canada, including an agreement that Canada’s foreign minister reached with the United States.The government will scrap the $1 million in funding in 2017, when the federal government is expected to announce it has secured […]

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